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Always in Motion is the Future I: A Star Wars AU
Chapter X
    The sun had long since set when Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Anakin stood before the Council in the center of the chamber, with Quinlan and Aayla standing across from each other at the doorway, similar to their earlier meeting.
    “It appears your analysis was correct, Master Qui-Gon,” Plo Koon intoned. “The Force is indeed strong with the boy. His midi-chlorian count is a sure indicator of that.”
    “He is to be trained then?” Qui-Gon inquired.
    Many of the Council members exchanged glances with each other.
    “No,” Mace said aloud. Anakin’s gaze fell, looking crestfallen. Quinlan and Aayla looked similarly so; Obi-Wan was torn as how to feel. Yes, the boy was undeniably strong, and if trained, could be a powerful Jedi, but no less, he knew this was what was going to happen. Both Masters Windu and Yoda cited the boy
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Star Wars Rebels: Paving a New Road Ch. 8
Chapter 8: Splitting Seconds
“For the love of all things good in this galaxy,
do not use that holocron!”

- last intelligible words spoken by an unidentified artifact hunter
on Nar Shaddaa, shortly before the holocron was put on the black market
and said artifact hunter was shot dead as a pittance.
    The string of explosions awoke Ezra from his dreamless sleep; he was instantly on his guard, drawing out his lightsaber-blaster, finding the others already awake.
    “What’s happening?” he asked, dashing to the closed door, opening it as the others grabbed for their respective weapons.
    In an abrupt and jarring response, Ezra saw a bloodied, half-dead Whiplash rebel fall and slam into the permacrete before him. Hardly daring to look up in full, Ezra only glanced partially up.
    Above him and descending quickly were two full-sized <
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Always in Motion is the Future V: A Star Wars AU
Chapter III
    The Jedi of the Rebellion had set up camp quickly, as Yoda had listened to the older members of the group and Luke’s account of events since Starkiller had visited four years ago.
    “Hmm,” the elderly Master rumbled. “Upon these revelations, meditate I will have to. In the meantime, rest you should. Many challenges will lay ahead of us in the days to come.”
    The leaders among the Jedi began to file out, with Luke trailing behind. Suddenly, Yoda gestured towards him. “Young Skywalker. Stay for a moment.”
    Luke stopped and turned around, and resumed his seat from before.
    “Why wish you to become a Jedi?” Yoda asked him.
    Luke paused for a beat; he thought back, back to when he had been a young boy on Tatooine and all he had heard of his father was that he was a freighter pilot, then one
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Tarre Vizsla, Mandalorian Jedi by Hman999 Tarre Vizsla, Mandalorian Jedi :iconhman999:Hman999 3 3
Always in Motion is the Future I: A Star Wars AU
Chapter IX
    Padmé had heard of Wilhuff Tarkin; the young, firebrand champion of the Militarists was a proud, cunning man. She had no doubt he saw this issue as a golden opportunity to capitalize on ending the suffering of innocent people through force and turn it towards furthering his personal crusade of “making the Republic great again.”
    “Lieutenant Governor,” she greeted him curtly. “I am glad to see that you are as willing as you are to aid us in our time of need.”
    “Certainly Your Highness,” he replied reciprocally. “It is a pleasure, honor and duty of the Outland Regions Security Force to serve all members of the Republic. Chancellor Valorum called upon me to offer my opinion on the issue. I believe that my forces should be more than capable of removing the Trade Federation’s occupation force, one way or another.”
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Star Wars Rebels: Paving a New Road Ch. 7
Chapter 7: Mists of Shadows
“There has/is/will be a disturbance
Their choice/s will define our fate.”

- Aoloiloa, a time-stream-sensitive Cephalon
member of the Whiplash cell at an
undisclosed date
    It was like Ezra’s dream from before; thick, grey mists all around, enshrouding the Jedi so much it was almost impossible to see. It was nearly suffocating; Ezra found himself struggling to breathe in the thick fog.
    “Stay close,” Jax warned them sternly. “If you get lost, you may never get found again and end up destroying the timestream.”
    So they did; Ezra and Kanan stuck very closely to Jax as they marched through the mist. As they did, they listened to the peculiar sounds they heard throughout, sometimes hearing distinct voices, even seeing silhouettes of people in the thicker clouds.
    “Don’t pay he
:iconhman999:Hman999 1 2
RvBY 3: Back at the Ranch
“I don’t like it,” Glynda Goodwitch said once more, looking directly at where the portal had been mere hours ago.
Ozpin didn’t like it either, but he didn’t need to say anything for Glynda to know it. He had sent teams RWBY and JNPR, arguably the most capable teams in Beacon Academy, to investigate the portal to see if it was a disturbance or potential threat. They should have checked in a while ago, and upon personal investigation, there was no trace of the young aspirant Huntsmen and Huntresses to be found anywhere.
He had checked with campus security and every activated recording device in the area, and nothing had turned up. He had told all the professors to mention nothing of this, and in order to dissuade any suspicions, RWBY and JNPR’s statuses had been switched to “On Assignment.”
Now it was up to him and the professors to find out what had happened to their students.
“There must be something that’s escaped our notice,
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Void Troopers
Tipoca City, 32 BBY
“Minister Su, you should see this.”
Rarely ever do Hatchmasters come to me personally for anomalies in the units. But they know not to disturb me for lesser reasons; it must be important.
“What is it, Tolo Za?” I ask, arising from my seat.
Tolo bows, and looks at me with urgency. “It is the Null units. Something has emerged in the gene pool of six of the units. Something...irregular.”
I despise the irregular.
“Show me,” I tell Tolo.
He brings me to the intensive development hatchery, where twelve embryos are floating in embryonic fluids, several months into growth.
“Which ones are the deficients?” I inquire.
Tolo clicks a button on his datapad, and the lights for six embryos go out.
“The six that are illuminated began displaying odd behaviors about an hour ago. This one (Tolo fluctuates a light under one embryo) clenched its fist, and a mai
:iconhman999:Hman999 3 16
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Our Lady Torrent
Coruscant, HoloNet Broadcasting Center
“Though the ultimate mastermind of the operation turned out to be Jedi Padawan Barriss Offee, the original suspect of the Jedi Temple bombing, Ahsoka Tano, has left the Jedi Order. She cannot be found for comment, nor will the Jedi Council speak on the matter to the public media. We were, however, able to speak to some of the clone troopers who have served under her before her resignation.” The interviewer, Telanna Olerra, a red-skinned, fashionably dressed Twi’lek female, turned to face the three interviewees; each one having the same face as their genetic template, but neither the same as the other.
“We have here with us sergeant Jesse, who served in the 501st Battalion that Tano led, ARC trooper Fives, who worked with her in several undercover operations, and clone captain Rex who was a fellow commanding officer in her contingent. Gentlemen, thank you for joining us, and thank you for your service.”
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The Will of Good: A Middle-Earth AU
In which Thráin son of Thrór bestows upon his son Thorin
his ring of power, and all the fate of Middle-Earth is changed.
    In the halls of the Blue Mountains, Thráin ponders on a quest to retake Erebor. Before leaving with his companions, he gives his ring to Thorin. Thráin goes missing. The ring slowly takes a toll on Thorin’s mind, he becomes more greedy and pious.
    When Gandalf meets Thorin at the Prancing Pony, then at his halls in the Ered Luin, he repeatedly says he can go without the help of a Hobbit. Gandalf insists, and Thorin concedes that he’ll let the Hobbit “tag along” when the other Dwarves point out the logic of Gandalf’s points.
    When the Dwarves and Gandalf come to Bag End, Thorin is rather silent. He is constantly twirling his ring on his finger. Bilbo asks Gandalf about it, and he inquires about it. Gandalf talks about the many rings of
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Red vs. Blue: Freelancer Force
Chapter 1
“Make no mistake, each and every one of you is powerful, a virtual one-man army.
We measure and rank your performances because in the words of a great man, ‘Where performance is measured, performance improves. Where performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.’ I hope what I’m trying to state is obvious, Agents.”

- Dr. Leonard Church, Director of Project Freelancer,
when broached on the subject of the
purpose of the Scoreboard

Orbital Defense Platform Dallas, orbiting Eta Ceti III,
after the events of “Don’t Say It”
    “Georgia, you awake?” I asked. My friend stirred, faintly groaning. Well, who could blame him? After hurdling through space on a malfunctioning jetpack for goodness-knows-how-long, he was bound to be tired at least. The doctors had said he would recover fully, given time. I had
:iconhman999:Hman999 2 0
My Red vs. Blue AI Attributes List
Alpha - the original (Church) (destroyed by EMP)
Beta - failure (Tex) (destroyed by EMP)
Gamma - deceit (given to Wyoming) (destroyed by EMP)
Delta - logic (given to York) (destroyed by EMP)
Epsilon - memory (given to Washington, pulled to A.I.S.F. due to traumatic recollections) (self-deconstructed)
Zeta - confusion/forgetfulness (given to Agent Michigan, pulled to A.I.S.F. due to inability to remember how to run armor) (destroyed by EMP)
Eta - fear (given to Carolina) (destroyed by EMP)
Theta - trust (given to North) (destroyed by EMP)
Iota - happiness (given to Carolina) (destroyed by EMP)
Kappa - sadness
Lambda - diligence (Lopez)
Mu - cruelty
Nu - disgust (given to Agent Hampshire, pulled to A.I.S.F. due to lack of motivation to perform adequately) (destroyed by EMP)
Xi - joy
Omicron - caution (given to Agent Minnesota, pulled to A.I.S.F. due to paralyzing paranoia) (destroyed by EMP)
Pi - greed (given to Agent West, pulled to A.I.S.F. due to signs of rampancy) (destroyed by EMP)
:iconhman999:Hman999 1 10
Always in Motion is the Future I: A Star Wars AU
Chapter VIII
    The Pride had long since jumped to hyperspace; it would take a good few hours to get from Tatooine to Coruscant, and everyone was resting up however they could. Artoo had plugged himself in for the night, Jar Jar was sprawled across a seat in the lounge, the crew and security guards were resting in their quarters--
    --yet Padmé Amidala was awake. Tired, but awake, rewatching the desperate transmission from Sio Bibble, her heart breaking more and more each time she heard his plea for help, her help as the Queen of Naboo.
    As the transmission once more faded to static, she rubbed her weary eyes, and out of the corner of her vision saw young Anakin, curled in a corner of the cabin, shivering and looking rather lonely.
    “Are you alright?” Padmé asked concernedly.
    “I’m cold,” Anakin replied plain
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Always in Motion is the Future V: A Star Wars AU
Chapter II
    Luke had kept it short; the wampa, the escape from the ice cave into the bitter snows of Hoth, and the vision. Throughout it all Starkiller’s attention had been rapt, never faltering; if anything, he became even more attentive at the mentions of Dagobah and Yoda.
    “Amazing,” he murmured, once Luke had finished telling his tale. “He’s still alive, after all that’s happened…”
    “What do you mean?” Luke inquired. “Do you know this Yoda?”
    “After a fashion,” Starkiller replied. “I met him for only a few short moments during a moment of personal crisis. It was shortly before…” he trailed off. “Shortly before an operation with a less than desirable outcome. But that’s not the point. The point is, Master Yoda was the Grand Master of the Jedi Order in his time. If we can bring him
:iconhman999:Hman999 1 0
Always in Motion is the Future I: A Star Wars AU
Chapter VII
    Anakin had been hoisted on the shoulders of an overjoyed crowd, heralding the prepubescent flying ace for a victory none other in his species had achieved. The boy had shouted himself hoarse, for his happiness was now beyond words. Kitster had heralded his win through every quarter of Mos Espa, til now the whole city buzzed with the news of a young Human doing what had never been done before.
    The surviving racers had shaken Anakin’s hand in a sign of solidarity, and the gamblers poured their coffers to the few who had bet on young Skywalker’s unlikely, but now unbelievably profitable, victory. The last of those who had come to check on their winnings, Qui-Gon, sidled up to the bettors’ box, where a despondent Watto hovered, glaring. At wit’s end, the Toydarian desperately tried to salvage anything from this disastrous loss, and Qui-Gon was simply shrugged it off. Quinlan stood nearby in case thin
:iconhman999:Hman999 1 0
Star Wars Rebels: Paving a New Road Ch. 6
    Chapter 6: Lay of the Land
    “A city planet of one trillion beings and the
    Head of Intelligence wants us to find a few hundred
    we’ve never even seen before? Hope he has a hell of a timeshare
    on Alderaan.”

    - Task Force 00’s Sergeant Sythe, on hunting down
    confirmed and potential rebels in the Imperial capital
    The sun had begun to rise on Coruscant, and Ezra realized how long the transport had been moving since the Ghost crew had arrived on Coruscant; they had been moving for hours now at least. He sat up in his seat and called for Obrim. “Where are we going? Are we getting close?”
    “Not much further,” the man replied. “We’re just taking a bit of a
:iconhman999:Hman999 3 11


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58 deviations
I, again, apologize for my lack of content lately. These next two weeks will be my most strenuous with exams and final projects, and the week immediately after I'm going to be spending a week in Scotland. I promise I will have more content up soon. Godspeed, y'all.

A Compilation of Observations/Rant

On January 21, 2017, Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States of America. Since then much has changed in the way of politics in my home country. (I am temporarily living in another country). As one who holds both Republican and Democratic views on certain issues in American politics, I feel that you, my dear followers, would be refreshed by a nonaligned view on the events that have happened since Trump's inauguration.

Observation 1 - Donald Trump seems intent on making "America First" by isolating it in terms of economics, foreign relations and aid. He has severed the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership that leaves China, whom Trump has said is taking jobs and money from America, to dominate the Pacific trade market. The Irony: Trump wants America to become a dominant market force, but has left China to take that position.

Observation 2 - The administration has attempted (and failed) to effectively enact a motion that would suppress the further publishing of health, environmental or social studies by certified practitioners unless it was reviewed by the government for publishing, and it would cease funding the Environmental Protection Agency. This would leave America's natural resource to be exploited without inhibition, which is simply unacceptable.

Observation 3 - For all his talk of bringing back and creating jobs, not many of Trump's jobless supporters have gotten back to work at their cherished steel and car factories in the Rust Belt. Stop trolling Democrats and get back to work.

Observation 4 - Refugees are to the US now as the Jews were to the Third Reich; they have become the scapegoats of all of the US' problems. Trump has signed an executive act that, starting this month, every week a report will be published on crimes committed by aliens, which themselves have been labelled as "Removable." This coming from the people who became infuriated at being labeled "Deplorable." Such hypocrisy is disgusting.

Observation 5 - Though the government of Mexico has made it adamantly clear they won't pay for a wall, Trump seems equally adamant that they will. Here's the gem: there has been talk within the Trump Administration that the money for building the wall will not come from Mexico, but from US taxpayer dollars, THEN Mexico will reimburse the US. Try solving that logic.

Observation 6 - The number of demonstrations and protests against the Trump Administration have increased drastically; with the revocation of the EPA, former Park Rangers went "rogue" and began posting facts about climate change against executive orders not to. This not too long after the Women's Marches worldwide, raising awareness not just for Trump's scandalous (and ought to be impeachable) "Grab 'em by the p****" comments, but for women's rights altogether in countries that don't have them. A Science March has been organized to raise awareness for, essentially, common sense.

Observation 7 - The Trump Administration seems intent on having the people believe what they want them to believe, going so far as to invoke the Orwellian term "alternative facts" to cover up their lies. Kellyanne Conway has become infamous for this, and Sean Spicer's adamant "Largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, PERIOD" view has become more laughable than it already was. This resulted in George Orwell's nigh-prophetic novel "1984" becoming a bestseller for the third time in history, the first being its debut, the second being in wake of the NSA security leak by Edward Snowden.


Dear friends.

I am not hear to mourn Obama leaving. I'm not hear to say Clinton or Bernie should have been elected. I am not here to say "Kill Donald Trump."

I am merely a young man who is noticing disturbing trends in what is supposed to be the role model to the world, God's chosen nation, and feels the need to make this known to others so they know when things are going wrong, they need to SPEAK UP. It doesn't matter if you are American or not, Christian or not, conservative, liberal, or anywhere in between, man, woman, or child. These practices have been unacceptable, are not acceptable, and will not be acceptable in the eyes of the people, who Donald Trump has claimed to give the "power" back to. Demonstrate in whatever small way you can; your efforts will not go unnoticed. Whether it is simply Christian charity, marching on Capitol Hill, or writing an semi-angry journal post, it will matter.

I just hope this does to you.


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Harrison Dansie
United States
Love lots of things: Star Wars, LotR, Ranger's Apprentice, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter...the list goes on and on and on...


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